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Best Weekend Ever

And that became the motto for a weekend to be rivalled.

Friday morning Brendan and I got up in what I swear was minus 100C. We fueled up and headed out to Yoho National Park. We took a look at Takakkaw Falls which is supposed to be the second biggest falls in Canada. The weather was absolutely miserable and a heavy fog covered most the mountain tops yet we got a semi decant view.

After the falls we headed to The Natural Bridge at Kicking Horse which was absolutely stunning! Even with the crappy weather you could admire its beauty. We then drove up to Emerald Lake which is a really popular destination but shitty weather sort of made that hard. So finally at about 11:30am we drove on to Kelowna. The funny thing was as we drove the closer we got the nicer the weather got and soon I was stripping myself down of layers and turning the airconditioning on!

We stopped at this gorgeous lake just on the outskirts of Sicamoose. I didn't know the name but figured that it looked so beautiful I had to take photos. Only to discover five minutes later the name of the lake was Mara Lake! So in my subconcious I was drawn to my mother hahaha.

We got held up just outside of Vernon because a guy with a motor-home decided it would be a good idea to pass a cyclist on a tiny bridge. He clipped the cyclist and traffic was stopped for about 45 minutes whilst we waited for the ambulance. Everyone was ok to an extent (give or take a few broken bones) Anyway I think we finally made it to Kelowna around 4pm to find my LJ friend Steven, thetar already there with his wife Carrie, playmoby and son Jackson. So it was very cool to meet them all since thetar and I must have been friends for nearly a year now and I love meeting people from the internet. I'm bad that way! It was just lucky that we happened to be so close to each other since I only just got to Canada from Australia. I don't think im quite at the level of flying to another country just to meet someone! (yet)

The place we stayed at was Loft with a view which I definately reccomend to anyone visiting Kelowna.

Friday night we bought some steaks and drank.

Alchol consumed

16 pack of beer
Half bottle of vodka (pretty much all thetar)
2 bottles of wine

We played the Canadian version of monopoly which thetar should have been winning but was so drunk he lost all his money when he didnt notice us landing on his properties.


Went to the farmers market in the morning.
Went to the Jammery which was kind of lame
Went to the park
Went to a Wine Tour.

Saturday night we picked up some chicken which Brendan grilled was so fanfuckingtastically delicious.

Alcohol consumed
2 bottles of wine
The rest of the vodka
8 Large beers

We then played Cranium till the wee hours of the morning. It was the Canadian version so we had trouble with all the brain questions since none of them made sense. The game itself had me in tears and carrie got a few wall of fame diagrams.


So we basically just chilled in the morning then checked out. Brendan and I had a long drive ahead of us 6 hours then we also lost an hour in time turnover so leaving about midday we got into Banff around 8pm. Half the fault was because we took this wrong turn in Revelstoke and ended up half hour out of the way hoping that we would hit the highway. Then we hit the dirt roads and figured that it wasn't going to happen...

When we got back home we went straight up to a work party where I consumed another three glasses of wine and sang some kareoke. But my mind wasn't in it so much because of all the boozing the last two days.

Anyway it was an awesome weekend and I had a lot of fun!
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