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New York New York

So I'm sitting here in the beautiful? College point, Queens NEW YORK CITY. I'm stealing some random persons internet so I'm facing an open window enjoying a beautiful! day. I think its about 65F

I've been in new york for about a week now. We drove from Florida through the east coast stopping at Pedro's "South of the Border" and washington DC. I really wanted to see all the monuments in Washington even if America's history doesn't interest me to much just the fact that I was seeing all the things I've seen in movies :D Like Abraham lincoln and the capitol. I was excited though and something about Abrahams monument just felt really inspiring I forgot that it featured in planet of the apes for a few seconds! This was a great man who did a lot of good for a country in trouble.

I was sitting in this same spot when I realised the red carpet premier for Sex & the City was on. Stupid me for the first time I am actually at the location of a red carpet premier and I'm sitting at home on the internet. I LOVE sex & the city and there was even a signing at 3pm I missed...

Anyway I did the whole NYC tourist thing with Brendan, I've actually done it all before even climbed the statue of liberty. This is the third time I've been here that I can remember, just Brendan is a newbie and last time I was here was nine years ago so I'm more then keen to see it all again. I love this place.

Yesterday was pretty funny we were left alone in the city for the first time so we started off the day exploring Times Square and Rockerfella center. First we went to Toys R Us the worlds biggest toy store. It even has a ferris wheel in side. I got to go in a life sized barbie house, and OMG the legos!! Next we walked up to see Nintendo world where I went a little crazy and wanted to buy out the whole store, but thats just me. In the end I got a Nintendo World NY key chain laser light and Weaville Pokemon (my favourite pokemon) Brendan got a nintendo world coffee travel cup thing so he can use it in Canada. I was surprised at how few plush there were and how many I already had! Except of course the giant mario and yoshi I wanted really badly... one day perhaps. We realised we had to rush to get to our cruise around the island but then figured we wouldnt make it so we took a leisurely stroll back down times square and checked out the M&M stores and some other stuff. It all looks so cool.

We decided to catch the next cruise and made it in time but the lady gave us the wrong tickets for the 75 minute cruise instead of the 3 hr cruise we had paid for and we ended up in the wrong place and then missing the 2:30 cruise and the next one wasnt until 4:30pm. So we grabbed a taxi to take us to empire state building but there was to much traffic and we jumped out after a block. We raced to the empire state building and after buying our tickets and waiting in line we got to the top about 3:40pm. We rushed around the top taking pictures and seeing the sites, I have been up there once before at night. We then raced for the elevators and got to the ground at 4pm. We grabbed another taxi and told him to step on it to the pier for the cruise. He got stuck in traffic two blocks away and we only had 10 minutes so we jumped out and ran the last two blocks reaching the cruise out of breath with two minutes to spare.

The cruise was great "Circle Line Cruises" and took us around the island with a guide explaining what everything is. If you have my facebook you can see my pictures. After the cruise it was now 7:30pm we caught a train to uptown as Brendan was sure the resturant I wanted to take him to Jekyll and Hyde was there. Uptown scared the crap out of me, it was nearing nighttime everything was closed and it looked like lots of dodgy people walking around. Brendan wanted to take all these weird side streets in the end I got upset and told him we would just go home. So we were catching the train back to downtown to catch the train home to Queens when it clicked to me that the resturant was in Downtown in the first place and Brendan had been back to front with locations. So with the help of a random woman walking the streets we finally found the resturant at 10pm and starving because we had basically skipped lunch thinking we were eating at 5pm. We were the only ones there at first. The resturant has entertainment every half an hour or so and its interactive so we got picked on since we were all that was there, after a half hour a few other people showed up and it was all good.

After the resturant we tried to get two taxis to take us home but neither of them knew where college point was and neither did I so in the end we just took the train home which was free for us anyway since we still had out metcards. We finally got home about midnight since we started at 8am and walked miles and miles I was exhausted!!

I fly to Canada on Saturday and spending a week with my mum and sister maybe more if we decide, I have been unemployed nearly three months now so I'm ready to go back to work plus the savings are dwindling rapidly. Especially since Brendan just brought a brand new laptop.

Anyway im going to read some entries dont know when I will post again hopefully sooner then later right :D
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