November 12th, 2008

I Just might Die with a Smile on My Face
  • spero2

Elom, a random tale

Well my life is random,

I booked this room for this lady who was super nice on the phone she was from Alabama but had married a Canadian and now lived in Kamloops, BC. So I guess because she was so nice I booked her into one of the nicer rooms with a hefty discount. She was adamant that we should meet and I thought why not, the more connections I make the better!

So I saw her last night and she had brought her brother with her he was from Alabama as well the previous state senator to be exact a Mr William H. Drinkard. Not only that but he is a Sience Fiction fantasy author and brought me a copy of his book "Elom" He signed it with this

To Amanda,
The Book is about strong females if you are strong and you seem to be, the book is about you! Hope you like it
William H. Drinkard

I have just started reading it so I can't make an assesment on how good it is at the moment. On the bright side however I have now got a place to stay in Alabama and Kamloops. I'm not sure where in Alabama but does it matter!