September 19th, 2008

Let your hair down
  • spero2

I've been waiting two whole weeks for someone like you...

You know what for being only an hour and half drive from a major city (calgary) it makes me wonder why I had to wait two weeks for my internet to be installed.

I shant be grumpy though because it arrived today and I am now the pround user of 10MB high speed connection, gone are the days of stealing dodgy wireless. Expect so much more from me...

Anyway Brendan and I went up to Lake Louise yesterday to do a big hike called Plain of Six Glaciers with the loop trail of lake agnes. About 14.5km all up and took us about 5-6 hours. Was absolutely beautiful. And I leave you with playing air guitar with Lake Louise in the background.

Rock on people!

air guitar with lake louise in the background