September 12th, 2008

Some pills can harm you
  • spero2

I need a new arm and leg but I can't afford the doctors visit

I got randomly selected at work to test my "signature" basically like mystery shopper but over the phone. Anyway I got 3/10 which is pretty bad. I even got to listen to my conversation which in my defense was at the end of a 10 hour straight shift of answering phones. I sounded half asleep I never realised just how slack and full of slang the Aussie accent is. Why couldn't I be a POM so I could automatically win them over with my charming british accent... /sigh

I have gone from free medical care to paying an arm and leg! My travel insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions so my doctors visit cost me $90 yesterday then my bloodtest will cost me an extra $150. Lucky I only really need a bloodtest every six months just to monitor my liver so I can't be arsed seeing the doctor here. My prescriptions set me back an extra $50 then they would back home as well!

I took my methotrexate yesterday and it had its usual horrible after affect which for some reason doesn't strike me until lunchtime the next day right when Brendan and I decide to go on a hike. I could barely make it two steps without retching every five seconds. The waterfall we saw was pretty but I was in a lot of discomfort that I failed to appreciate it fully. Anyway the ride home I just lay in the back seat groaning and when we finally made it home I raced straight to the bathroom bent over the toilet and proceeded to throw up everything I had eaten and drunk that morning. i am now dosed up with my anti nausea tablets which in all hindsight would have made sense to eat earlier.. I thought I was safe from the dreaded side effects.