September 5th, 2008

I Just might Die with a Smile on My Face
  • spero2

its a love-hate relationship

You know a week or so ago I was over this fucking place. I don't even know why. I think I just got in one of my moods where I missed my hometown and my friends and family, I was feeling lonely so far away and I just felt like packing it all in and moving on.

So I'm over that :D Everything here is just so beautiful everytime I walk I'm staring at a mountain, there is so many interesting people here and for once in my life I don't really care about what I'm doing tomorrow. I'm just living for the sake of living instead of planning ahead for my so called future. And it feels fucking great.

A couple of things have me excited. I'm off to Kelowna at the end of the month to catch up with my seattle buddy thetarand his family. I'm excited about going on wine tasting tours and just seeing a bit more of this amazing country. Plus its like 3 days before my birthday what a better way to celebrate turning 27!

We got our tax return back so Brendan and I are off to Calgary on Wednesday 10th september to go shopping for his new SLR digital camera. We scored over 5,000 from the tax office so it also means I'm getting a new laptop! Waiting of course for Starcraft 2 to be released before I splurge out since I want something mainly for that. My good ol macbook is doing the job for now!

Some girls from work and I have started a Girls night out knitting club. Gee I haven't knitted anything in about... 2 years. I'm making a scarf. For now. You know I'm actually living in a country where knitted items are useful! Anyway I did about six rows before I was to drunk from all the wine and dropping stiches left right and centre. I was working dangerously close to the top! It was great because now I have a little common ground to hang out with the girls from work.

Went out for Valeska's going away party the other night as well and ate some amazing steak OMG. Seriously The Keg makes the best steak I have ever had. We went out dancing after although the music sucked. I called my mate Simon from back home and chatted to him for a bit. It was so fucking cold my hands were freezing while I was on the phone I had to keep switching. I also had 1/2 a cigarette...*oops*