May 19th, 2008

Let your hair down
  • spero2

my life atm

Last week Brendan and I spent 7 days on a caribbean cruise. The ship left from Port Canaveral it was called Mariner of the Seas by Royal Caribbean. It was a beautiful ship and all the staff were amazing. I had a great time, the prices were decant since it was the cheaper time of the year. I don't know why since spring weather is the best weather. Summer is just way to hot.

Man I am a crap writer lately...

Last night went out to the Daytona Beach rum festival since its my last weekend in Florida. Brendan got super drunk with all you can drink for $15.00 It was $20.00 but I sweet talked the transvestite at the door and got $5 knocked off. When we got home he tried to sleep on the floor it was pretty funny.

During the day we went to the beach and Ems boyfriend tried to teach us how to surf but I was more interested in the boogie board. I was catching some good waves and riding them to the shore. Perhaps to close because I scraped my knee from getting to shallow. It was fun though we spent about four hours on the beach. My abs are killing me though and my legs, fighting through the waves you dont realise what a workout your giving yourself no wonder surfers are in such good shape.

On Tuesday we are going to drive to New York for 10 days stopping off in Washington DC to see the whitehouse. Something to look forward to anyway :D