May 1st, 2008

Reality is imagination
  • spero2

Lets begin with Epcot...

Did I mention I did Disney on the weekend? Oh...yeaaa.

The memory is starting to fade of what we did exactly so I better write it down before it fades completely.

Believe it or not I've been to disneyworld once before about 17 years ago. I went my late Nonno (grandfather) and sisters. So I had vague memories of a few things, like "Its a Small World" and the "Indiana Jones Extreme Stunt show" and I know Mum and I were the only ones who went on "Space Mountain"

What I didn't remember was the hideous amount of people.

So, Epcot. I did the following things

Spaceship Earth

This was the ride inside the Epcot ball. It was pretty cruisy and nice we just trundled along in little carts which told us about how communication had formed through time. If you check out my Facebook videos there is a short video of Brendan and I in our future together. The photo of me was hilarious.

Ellen's Energy Adventure

I believe this was the last ride we did for the day, and we were so drunk from going round the worlds. It went for about 37 minutes and was so boring. My Aunty actually fell asleep during it. We had gone to do it earlier but it was closed because somebody had jumped out mid show - I could see why.

Mission: SPACE

A cool little ride where it simulated being in a real space shuttle. It was pretty weird how it felt the pressure on your skin. Apparently the year before a 3 year old boy had died in the ride, so you can see how it was a little bit intense.

Test Track

A ride which simulated different conditions how they test cars. At one point they speed you up really crazy round a track. We were also drunk for this ride, pretty funny.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

This was cute we sat in little clam shell boats and went around in a ride where Nemo was hiding from everyone.


One of the best rides in the park we actually raced for this one because it was most popular. It simulates hang glider affects where you float over the United States. I can't wait to see a lot more of the USA now.

"Honey, I Shrunk The Audience"

A 3D show where we got shrunk :( Pretty funny.

ImageWorks - The Kodak "What If" Labs

A little kiddy ride about Imagination.

Turtle Talk with Crush

This was a little kids show but it was cute. Had some funny bits and I like crush :D

Around the Worlds

This was my favourite part of the whole day. We started around 1pm and finished about 5pm. We basically just went from world to world drinking a native drink in each one and having some food.

Canada - Brendan and Lenny got moosehead beer. Im not a bear drinker so I skipped Canada.

United Kingdom - We had fish & chips here and a duck kept trying to steal our food.

France - I had a grey goose lemonade slushy, Emily had some champagne and I think Brendan and Lenny had more beer

Morocco - Em & I had some moroccon wine whilst the boys got into the beer. We brought a combination plate which had lamb, chicken, cous cous, tabouli and some dipping sauce. It was goood

Japan - We were going to get some sushi but all to full so we just got some saki. I couldn't drink all of mine it made me sick, so Brendan and Em finished mine off.

America - We completely skipped this one - whats the point?

Italy - I think we skipped this one to. I come from an Italian family so I'm pretty used to Italian food.

Germany - I had a sweet white wine and Brendan and Lenny had more beer. They also got some bratwurst sausage thing which I had a bite of, not bad.

China - Into the plum wine which tasted like cough medicine but not to badly. We got some egg rolls.

Norway - No alcohol (for once) but Bianca and I got stuck into fruit tarts which were soooo good.

Mexico - A couple of frozen margeritas and we were drunk and set!

Issues arose

Bianca got pissed off because we were all getting drunk at Disneyworld. I think she mainly got pissed off because she was to young to get drunk (only 13) I told her to snap out of it because it was a trip for Brendan and I and not her. My auntys kids are spoilt brats sometimes.

Lenny and Emily had a massive fight on the way out. My uncle brought up what horrible kids she has and Em was going on about how he has been using her for the last nine months. They kept trying to bring me into it but I was not interested in a drunk argument when both of them wasn't listening to the other one.

We got lost trying to find the hotel unfourtanately. This led to more tension because Lenny was just laughing at us and no help whatsoever. The fight continued back at the hotel so Bianca, Brendan and I went inside and played Scattergories. The hotel was really nice, it was a vacation villa with four bedrooms, full kitchen and living room facilities, a pool and games room. Heaps cheaper then a hotel all up cost about $350.00 for the three nights with five of us staying there. So we paid about 80 bucks each. you can view the villa here

We got to bed about Midnight. Tomorrow is magic kingdom...