April 22nd, 2008

  • spero2

My Day at Universal Studios

It all began with a 6am wakeup call. My aunty's house is about an hour away from Universal so we wanted to get up and get ready and be there by 9am when it opened so there wasn't long lines. I was unfourtanately getting over a really bad flu and was still coughing and sneezy. Basically feeling like total shit.

But it was Universal... for fucks sakes. So I dragged myself out of bed and prepared myself. We stopped off at a drug store so I could get something for my nose to stop the sniffling. I ended up getting this Zrytec D (on reccomendation) I had to show my ID. This proved more hassle then it was worth because there was no options for other countries and the cashier couldnt fill in my details properly. But he was a nice guy and we got around it with half using my Auntys Address and half using my Darwin address.

We went to Islands of Adventure first since it had some of the best rides and since we were heading in early there wouldn't be as long to wait. So first thing I got to do when I entered the gates just feeling a little better with the medicine was "The Hulk" only one of the scariest roller coasters ever. Way to jumpstart my universal adventure right... Wait times were only 5 minutes which was even better. The problem I have with rollercoasters is...well I hate them to death. I also love them to death. I love to be terrified... but as I was wrenched upwards towards my hulk doom my stomach fell. God it was an awesome ride but god I was terrified.

Then onto "The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman" only my favourite super hero of ALL time. It was 3D and you were in this little roller coaster cart and it just sort of moved around like a mini much safer ride but because of the 3D made it seem like you were going on a much faster more exciting ride. There was this one part where our cart is vertical and the ground rushes towards you I actually closed my eyes briefly at that part I freaked out! And believe it or not that was the only ride I closed my eyes on..

Because the wait times were still low we headed off to another of the popular rides "Duelling Dragons" another rollercoaster ride but with two seperate tracks fire and ice. We took the ice track and because my uncle insisted I actually sat in the very front of the coaster. The two coasters fire and ice rush around at the same time sometimes looking like they are about to directly hit, you can understand me being in the very front of the coaster how scared I was...At one point I swear I was literally rushing 200km/h straight at this wall and then straight up I felt like my feet were going to be wrenched from my body.

So on the way back from the duelling dragons we decided to hit the Jurassic park ride. A much gentler ride but still with a bit of drop and scare attempt. This ride got me wet. It was close to lunchtime now and heating up so we figured now was a good a time as any to take on the water rides. My aunty (smartly) sat them out so just the four of us went on "Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw falls"which was an excuse to get me (the lucky sap who got stuck in the front) soaking wet. Since we were already soaked from that ride we decided to do the "Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges" and everyone got soaked right down to our socks. Except of course my aunty who once again must have got the brains in the family

They even have these buttons on the walkways above and people can actually spray water at us. These bloody kids did it to us and I didnt even realise it was them till I got off the raft and saw the buttons.

About 1pm now and we decided to head over to the other park Universal Studios. On the way out though we were nearly run over by SPIDERMAN!!! and some others... Storm, Cyclops and someone else. BUT SPIDERMAN!!! So I let them go on thier little all terrain vehicles before racing to find spiderman. I saw the rest of them running around the streets getting photos but I couldn't find spiderman... until I ran into this guy with a sign. Spiderman was in this little dingy room and I had to line up with all these little kids just to see him. But like I was going to come to Universal and not get a picture with spiderman HAH. Even funnier I was still soaking wet from the rides...

Then onto universal we went! The first ride we went on was "Revenge of the Mummy" yep... another scary rollercoaster ride all in the dark. I actually screamed in this one. I think the hulk was scarier but I just felt like screaming. Waiting on line one of the attendents came up behind me and was just staring at me. I turned around and saw him and he had these freaky contacts in.. I was like "what the fuck" We then decided to go on "Disastor" which was meh. Long wait for such an anticlimatic ride. The funniest part was when we were sitting in the fake subway train and they are throwing all these disastors at us and all this water came gushing out of the subways stairs right on my side!! I was still drying up from the last water rides so I practically climbed over Aunty Em to get away from the water. Not because I was scared because I didn't want to get wet again!

We decided to go to Men In Black even though my uncle was against it. On the way I saw beatlejeuce so another guy I had to get my photo with!! Which are all up on my face book by the way http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=585873948 add me! My uncle decided to sit out of MIB because it was a "stupid kiddy ride" The line was about 25 minutes long but after about 2 minutes we were like "stuff this lets go in the singles line" which basically means you all get seperated to fill up spare seats. We figured who cares its not like you talk to each other on these rides anyway. We were in and on the ride in less then 5 minutes. Brendan and I were on the same cart anyway but he was in front of me. You got these little laser guns and had to shoot at all the aliens. One guy on my cart got 240,000 points. I got 43,000 and I think Brendan got around 70,000.

Next ride was ET. The wait for ET was so beautiful it was all dark with huge fir trees everywhere you felt like you were in the middle of a forest. The ride itself was pretty calm but nice. You were on bikes with ET on the front taking him home to save his planet! I dont know why my uncle went on that one instead of MIB...

Since time was coming to an end and I was exhausted. All that walking and my sickness I was like the walking dead. So we decided to head back and just do the last few rides. Twister which was talking about how they made the movie and then you stand in this section and they re-create a small twister. Jimmy Neutron. One of those rides you sit in the seats and the screen makes it look like your moving and the seats shake around and stuff. And Shrek 3D a bit like jimmy neutron but 3D and you dont move as much. Although there is this one scene with spiders... I can see Carmen and Heather freaking out.

I know I rushed through Universal and didn't really see any of the shows or anything but I had an awesome day and im more of a ride person anyway. I fell asleep in the back of the car on the way home :D