April 10th, 2008

  • spero2


The Florida vacation has taken a slide into a real beach holiday. I've been spending my days just chilling, shopping and chilling. We went up to St Augustine to check out the outlets, Brendan and I had a great time getting big name brands for small small prices. My Canadian wardrobe is coming together! I came to Florida completely prepared for beach weather and completely unprepared for anything lower then 20C I guess that comes from living in Darwin my whole life.

We spent about six hours shopping I even got some new sneakers (which I needed) and in that six hours probably spent about $300.00. Which compared to the amount of clothes we got NOTHING!! I am so loving the shopping. My favourite item of the day was this awesome Tommy Hillfiger long sleeve shirt usually $49.00 down to $6.00!! Anyway enough about the shopping!

We also went to a surfing competition down on Daytona Beach which was wrapping up the spring break month. Daytona has big spring break. The waves and weather were kind of crappy so we didn't stay long. Your warm for five minutes then it starts raining and its windy for the next five. Then warm again... by the third rainstorm I was like stuff this. The waves couldn't have been more then a metre high anyway the surfers were getting minimal up time.

I am just loving the chilling out. The buying a car thing is probably not going to happen here so it looks like we might fly to Canada instead and buy a car there. It depends. My uncle is looking at buying a car we might be able to hitch with him to New York. Its just to difficult with registration and importing into Canada. We are better off buying a Canadian approved car and doing the road trip into America on the way back. I'm a little bit sad because I was interested in seeing a bit of the east coast. Maybe I'll check some websites see if any hippies are making the journey and hitch a ride! does anyone know any good websites that I might be able to find like-minded backpackers?

Oh I also went to my little cousins softball game which was so cool. Bunch of under 13s but the parents just went crazy! You would think you were at a serious game. They are screaming and yelling at the kids and every parent knew every kids name. Only problem was it was fucking freezing. Overcast and windy and I only had a tiny jacket. Then it started raining but not heavy enough to call off the game!! It went from 7pm - 9:30pm (late for little kids on a school night in my opinion!!) My cousins team won woohoo.