April 6th, 2008

Sonic - Exhausted
  • spero2


I was hoping to beat the dreaded curse of Jetlag but I think I just paused it and made it worse! Every single morning I am waking up at 6:30am. Doesn't matter what time I go to bed I am up in the AM! One good thing about it is I am walking along the beach every morning which is good for my legs especially when I push through the water. I do about 5 miles (according to my aunty) in the morning and 4 miles in the evening.

Wednesday 2nd of April My Aunty took us to Deleon Springs State Park which is the stomping grounds of the guy who discovered the 'fountain of youth' The park has a bunch of beautiful old trees and a natural spring. The main reason we went was for the pancakes! They had this cute little gimmicky resturant where you get all you can eat pancakes for 4.50 a person and there is a hotplate in the middle you cook your own! You pay extra for sides I got chocolate chips and strawberries. Then you just throw them in. That was filling I think I managed about 2 pancakes and I was done. Some convicts were fixing a sign so I tried to sneak a picture of them without being noticed. They must have been good convicts since we walked within two metres of them and they only had these really old guards. There were kids running all over the place!!

Thursday 3rd April we went to the Ponce De Leon Inlet lighthouse. Named after the famous spanish explorer who discovered Florida. It was a hard walk up 203 really steep stairs. Thanks to my beach walking though I was a little more prepared to deal with it. Up the top was an amazing view of Daytona Beach and the surroundings. It just reminds me how beautiful Florida really is! We went and had a drink/snack at a little resturant by the beach. I couldn't get a good drink because I'd forgotten my ID...

Friday 4th April. I stayed up to 2am Thursday to try and beat my jetlag only to still wake up at 6am and be fucking tired ALL DAY. Emily took us out to Bells Outlet store which is a good store that sells lots of brand name clothes at discount prices. Brendan and I got heaps of stuff for about 40 bucks. Yea crazy Brendan actually got a few things! He was trying on some shorts and I was just throwing all these shirts over the change room. Its the only way I can make him try stuff on! I wanted him to get this shirt 'ride the mustang Ford' but we could only find it in small :( Then for dinner we went to this little place called Hooligans which serves awesome hotwings. If you have a movie ticket its buy 10 get 10 free. And the beer (coronas) were $3.50 each I was drinking vodka sunrise for $4.00. For three of us Dinner & Drinks inc tax and tip it came to $53.00. I found out waitresses earn around $3.00 an hour. WHAT THE FUCK! so as a patron not only are you paying for the meal you are tipping to pay for the wage of the waitress. Man to be in the resturant business!

We went to a liquor store after dinner and I got a 2 litre bottle of smirnoff vodka for 20 bucks. Brendan got a litre+ bottle of jim beam for the same! I could seriously never leave with these crazy prices. I also got carded which was exciting for me!! I havent been asked for my ID in years..

Then we went to my Aunty's friends place and somewhere I got drunk. Outside we were talking to these people about the difference in Australians and Americans. Then I met some younger people and we talked to them for ages. The guy said he would teach us how to surf but I was pretty drunk and so was he so I dont know if that is going to Happen...They lived next door so they took us over to play 'darts' but the chick passed out and I got lost. I ended up out the front of the first house just feeling so drunk and sick. I forced myself to throw up then went inside to sleep on the couch. Emily saw me though and dragged me outside to go home. When she went to retrieve Brendan I lay down on a mini trampoline on the lawn and tried to sleep.

I think we got home about 1.30am. I threw up again when I got home and then crashed out. Only to wake up once again at 6am..

Saturday 5th April. Feeling like crap all day because I was so tired I forced myself into bed about 12 to sleep. All I really did was toss and turn. Emily got Brendan to wake me up so she could come get me to fix some computer problem. Her friends place is so nice. They live right near the river which is a rich million dollar neighbourhood. Her house has about 7 bathrooms!! She is a mediator so makes a lot of money. Anyway they had brought this tv convertor so they could watch some softball games which is televised online through thier laptop to the tv and couldnt get it working. They had it plugged in alright they just didn't press FN - F8 on the laptop to output. Lucky I worked with Dells for the last two years hey!

When emily dropped me home I just went to bed. And now I am awake at 5am.lol... Jet lag I will conquer you tonight!!!