April 1st, 2008

Let your hair down
  • spero2


I've updated so everyone can post on here now without needing to register

I'm here.

The flight was horrible. We had a direct flight originally with QANTAS from Melbourne to LA which wasn't so bad. QANTAS have great service. The only issue was the plane was chockers full and we had a pretty large lady in our aisle seat who had to get up every time we wanted to pee. I spent the whole flight just watching movies. Because we went at 10am I just wasn't ready for sleeping until we got off the plane! The movies were good to there was a little TV in the back of the seat and it was on demand so I could watch whatever I wanted and fast forward/pause as desired. I watched Beowulf, Atonement, Heartbreak Kid(or guy??) Some show on a pageant for transvestites. The Bee Movie, Alvin & The chipmunks and I can't remember what else. The food was decant we got a hot lunch I had chicken in oyster sauce. Yummy but not enough Brendan had beef in red wine I think which was better then mine cause it came with potatoes!!

So we got to LA airport about 730 and spent an hour going through customs/immigration. It was a lot easier then everyone made it out to be just the fact there was so many people made it so slow. The guy who checked my forms was like "I'm so lucky I get all the pretty girls in my line" seeing as I had been on a plane for the last 14 hours it was a nice thing to hear!!.

Finding the checkin for our connecting flight was the hard thing. LA airport is really disorganized. We found it then had no idea what queue one of the guys sent us to the self-service check in and when we got to the front of the line I had no idea how to use the machines and it turns out it only works with the yankee tickets so we had to go to another queue who pointed us to these phones. We called and checked in only to be told our connecting flight had been changed to 9:30am instead of the original 10:30am. I checked my watch and you guessed it... it was 9:31am. So for an extra 100$ US we had to get new flights which would get us in at 11pm instead of the original 6pm. Which also meant we had been awake for 20 hours straight and we no longer had a direct flight we had to go through Atlanta.

We had to sit at LA airport for 3 hours so Brendan and I got some iced coffees from this shop which was just cold coffee with Ice cubes in them... We threw them out and went to macdonalds where I got two chocolate thickshakes and a large "fries" I accidently said chips first and the guy thought I said juice lol.

We both got some sleep on the flight to Atlanta despite how noisy it was since it was the middle of the day and only crazy aussies are probably sleeping. WE were just that tired. Then on the 1 hour flight from Atlanta to Orlando I watched Adult Swim. Brendan found it fascinating that we had to catch a train to get from the departure gate to the luggage pickup. Where emily was waiting!!

So after an hour and a half drive we made it to Emilys where she prepared us toasted 'everything' bagels. With 'cold cuts' I'm pitting all the new yankee words I have to learn in inverted commas!! I think it must have been 2am we finally got to bed which would have been at least 35 hours since we left melbourne and had had any real sleep!!

I got up at 9:30am and I woke Brendan up at midday. Hopefully the 35 straight hours has void any jetlag I might get. Emilys house is great its about 5 minutes from the ocean which I can swim and surf in! (if I could surf) Her tv is massive and there is 400 channels. So I am in heaven :D Oh yea and I have the internet access now reguarly!!

Anyway I do have a big writeup of Melbourne but its on my laptop and I havent got around to unpacking yet. Its really just THANK GOD I AM FINALLY HERE!!