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Elom, a random tale

Well my life is random,

I booked this room for this lady who was super nice on the phone she was from Alabama but had married a Canadian and now lived in Kamloops, BC. So I guess because she was so nice I booked her into one of the nicer rooms with a hefty discount. She was adamant that we should meet and I thought why not, the more connections I make the better!

So I saw her last night and she had brought her brother with her he was from Alabama as well the previous state senator to be exact a Mr William H. Drinkard. Not only that but he is a Sience Fiction fantasy author and brought me a copy of his book "Elom" He signed it with this

To Amanda,
The Book is about strong females if you are strong and you seem to be, the book is about you! Hope you like it
William H. Drinkard

I have just started reading it so I can't make an assesment on how good it is at the moment. On the bright side however I have now got a place to stay in Alabama and Kamloops. I'm not sure where in Alabama but does it matter!
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Halloween is my new favourite holiday!!

Well I am making some kind of good progress at my job. I have met some strange people. This one lady who I was booking rooms for sent me a picture of her and Joan Jett. (yes I had to wiki it to) apparently she is friends with her manager. Her music is old but good!

Halloween was an awesome night. It was my first real halloween since growing up in Australia nobody really celebrates it. When we were kids living in Melbourne mum used to hold wicked halloween parties. Of course Halloween has changed a lot because back then it was about being as scary as possible now its about being as obscure or sexy as possible. So I talked this guy Sam from NSW into coming out with me. The only reason I knew him was because two or three months earlier I had booked his dad into a room and his dad told me his son was coming to Banff to work and I said send me an email and I will see what I can do. So Sam had just got in from a 54 hour busride and I dragged him out because...well its Halloween ffs!!

My costume was Commander Keen and for those of you who know who that is. Yay. For those of you who dont well its a really old video game back in the days of DOS and Windows 3.1. About two people recognised who I was and demanded photos. My helmet was made from paper mache and was way to big for my head so I was dancing all night and it kept slipping down.

But I had an awesome time overall halloween is so much fun. Everyone is really friendly and open there are so many amazing costumes. People over here really get into it. I cant wait for next year!

Other then that my life in Canada has come to a real standstill. Ski season is just around the corner and it is to cold and wet to do much else. Although there has been barely any snow around here. I'm excited to start learning how to snowboard and maybe even ski eventually. I predict my days off to be spent on the slopes, until I break my legs or something.

Here are some photos of Halloween night! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/album.php?aid=67539&id=585873948
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Honestly only in Banff...well maybe a few other places can you see Deer ambling down the main street calmly eating your neighbours flowers.

Or even a couple of Elk strolling across the school oval leaving their business on the ground.

Oh last but not least on Friday around lunchtime a bear decided it would be fun to crawl up the tree outside safeway (our local shopping centre) swiping at passing pedestrians. They had to block off all the street in order to get out the stun guns and remove it without hassle. I was in the office so I missed the excitement :( But what gets me is every morning and every night I walk down that street and back again to get to work in fact only a half hour before I had passed by that very tree.

What kind of liability am I offered for Bear attack???
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Best Weekend Ever

And that became the motto for a weekend to be rivalled.

Friday morning Brendan and I got up in what I swear was minus 100C. We fueled up and headed out to Yoho National Park. We took a look at Takakkaw Falls which is supposed to be the second biggest falls in Canada. The weather was absolutely miserable and a heavy fog covered most the mountain tops yet we got a semi decant view.

After the falls we headed to The Natural Bridge at Kicking Horse which was absolutely stunning! Even with the crappy weather you could admire its beauty. We then drove up to Emerald Lake which is a really popular destination but shitty weather sort of made that hard. So finally at about 11:30am we drove on to Kelowna. The funny thing was as we drove the closer we got the nicer the weather got and soon I was stripping myself down of layers and turning the airconditioning on!

We stopped at this gorgeous lake just on the outskirts of Sicamoose. I didn't know the name but figured that it looked so beautiful I had to take photos. Only to discover five minutes later the name of the lake was Mara Lake! So in my subconcious I was drawn to my mother hahaha.

We got held up just outside of Vernon because a guy with a motor-home decided it would be a good idea to pass a cyclist on a tiny bridge. He clipped the cyclist and traffic was stopped for about 45 minutes whilst we waited for the ambulance. Everyone was ok to an extent (give or take a few broken bones) Anyway I think we finally made it to Kelowna around 4pm to find my LJ friend Steven, thetar already there with his wife Carrie, playmoby and son Jackson. So it was very cool to meet them all since thetar and I must have been friends for nearly a year now and I love meeting people from the internet. I'm bad that way! It was just lucky that we happened to be so close to each other since I only just got to Canada from Australia. I don't think im quite at the level of flying to another country just to meet someone! (yet)

The place we stayed at was Loft with a view which I definately reccomend to anyone visiting Kelowna.

Friday night we bought some steaks and drank.

Alchol consumed

16 pack of beer
Half bottle of vodka (pretty much all thetar)
2 bottles of wine

We played the Canadian version of monopoly which thetar should have been winning but was so drunk he lost all his money when he didnt notice us landing on his properties.


Went to the farmers market in the morning.
Went to the Jammery which was kind of lame
Went to the park
Went to a Wine Tour.

Saturday night we picked up some chicken which Brendan grilled was so fanfuckingtastically delicious.

Alcohol consumed
2 bottles of wine
The rest of the vodka
8 Large beers

We then played Cranium till the wee hours of the morning. It was the Canadian version so we had trouble with all the brain questions since none of them made sense. The game itself had me in tears and carrie got a few wall of fame diagrams.


So we basically just chilled in the morning then checked out. Brendan and I had a long drive ahead of us 6 hours then we also lost an hour in time turnover so leaving about midday we got into Banff around 8pm. Half the fault was because we took this wrong turn in Revelstoke and ended up half hour out of the way hoping that we would hit the highway. Then we hit the dirt roads and figured that it wasn't going to happen...

When we got back home we went straight up to a work party where I consumed another three glasses of wine and sang some kareoke. But my mind wasn't in it so much because of all the boozing the last two days.

Anyway it was an awesome weekend and I had a lot of fun!
Let your hair down
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I've been waiting two whole weeks for someone like you...

You know what for being only an hour and half drive from a major city (calgary) it makes me wonder why I had to wait two weeks for my internet to be installed.

I shant be grumpy though because it arrived today and I am now the pround user of 10MB high speed connection, gone are the days of stealing dodgy wireless. Expect so much more from me...

Anyway Brendan and I went up to Lake Louise yesterday to do a big hike called Plain of Six Glaciers with the loop trail of lake agnes. About 14.5km all up and took us about 5-6 hours. Was absolutely beautiful. And I leave you with this...me playing air guitar with Lake Louise in the background.

Rock on people!

air guitar with lake louise in the background

Some pills can harm you
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I need a new arm and leg but I can't afford the doctors visit

I got randomly selected at work to test my "signature" basically like mystery shopper but over the phone. Anyway I got 3/10 which is pretty bad. I even got to listen to my conversation which in my defense was at the end of a 10 hour straight shift of answering phones. I sounded half asleep I never realised just how slack and full of slang the Aussie accent is. Why couldn't I be a POM so I could automatically win them over with my charming british accent... /sigh

I have gone from free medical care to paying an arm and leg! My travel insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions so my doctors visit cost me $90 yesterday then my bloodtest will cost me an extra $150. Lucky I only really need a bloodtest every six months just to monitor my liver so I can't be arsed seeing the doctor here. My prescriptions set me back an extra $50 then they would back home as well!

I took my methotrexate yesterday and it had its usual horrible after affect which for some reason doesn't strike me until lunchtime the next day right when Brendan and I decide to go on a hike. I could barely make it two steps without retching every five seconds. The waterfall we saw was pretty but I was in a lot of discomfort that I failed to appreciate it fully. Anyway the ride home I just lay in the back seat groaning and when we finally made it home I raced straight to the bathroom bent over the toilet and proceeded to throw up everything I had eaten and drunk that morning. i am now dosed up with my anti nausea tablets which in all hindsight would have made sense to eat earlier.. I thought I was safe from the dreaded side effects.
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Number of jackets purchased: 0

Pretty good haul lawn/garage saling this morning

Snowboard helmet, goggles & head warmer - $20
Book Rough guide to Canada - $1
Book some vampire novel - 50c
Potato cookbook - $2
Tan leather boots - $2
Little plush canadian moose with tags on - $1

Still on the hunt for cheap snowpants!

A couple of things that bug me about Canada.

The postal(post) codes are different for every street I'm not kidding the way they do their post is attach the codes to the streets rather then "districts" back home the postcode will direct you to a suburb then its quite easy to find the street from here. Banff is smaller the our typical suburb back home yet my Street Address, Work Address and Postal Address all have a different postal code. Oh and 90% of the time if you say "Postcode" they have no idea what I'm talking about. Yet if I say Zip code they understand me.

The phone system here is confusing
The province (aka state) I live in has at least 3 that I know of area codes
403, 780 and ... 1-403. Yes you guessed it every long distance call I make needs a 1 in front of it and for some reason certain 403 numbers are considered long-distance. However the only way you know this is when you get the automated voice on the other end of the phone telling you to dial 1. Or the returned fax! Oh and even better? If you put the 1 in front of the number and it doesn't need it then you won't get through either! So its a bit of a hit and miss situation really..

If you answer the phone you get charged!! Man that drives me up the wall. Some networks even charge you to recieve messages! And Brendan can't recieve anything if he has no credit on his phone!

Disclaimer Obviously no country is perfect and there is a lot I love about this place. (like the super cheap high speed internet) Just not those two!
I Just might Die with a Smile on My Face
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its a love-hate relationship

You know a week or so ago I was over this fucking place. I don't even know why. I think I just got in one of my moods where I missed my hometown and my friends and family, I was feeling lonely so far away and I just felt like packing it all in and moving on.

So I'm over that :D Everything here is just so beautiful everytime I walk I'm staring at a mountain, there is so many interesting people here and for once in my life I don't really care about what I'm doing tomorrow. I'm just living for the sake of living instead of planning ahead for my so called future. And it feels fucking great.

A couple of things have me excited. I'm off to Kelowna at the end of the month to catch up with my seattle buddy thetarand his family. I'm excited about going on wine tasting tours and just seeing a bit more of this amazing country. Plus its like 3 days before my birthday what a better way to celebrate turning 27!

We got our tax return back so Brendan and I are off to Calgary on Wednesday 10th september to go shopping for his new SLR digital camera. We scored over 5,000 from the tax office so it also means I'm getting a new laptop! Waiting of course for Starcraft 2 to be released before I splurge out since I want something mainly for that. My good ol macbook is doing the job for now!

Some girls from work and I have started a Girls night out knitting club. Gee I haven't knitted anything in about... 2 years. I'm making a scarf. For now. You know I'm actually living in a country where knitted items are useful! Anyway I did about six rows before I was to drunk from all the wine and dropping stiches left right and centre. I was working dangerously close to the top! It was great because now I have a little common ground to hang out with the girls from work.

Went out for Valeska's going away party the other night as well and ate some amazing steak OMG. Seriously The Keg makes the best steak I have ever had. We went out dancing after although the music sucked. I called my mate Simon from back home and chatted to him for a bit. It was so fucking cold my hands were freezing while I was on the phone I had to keep switching. I also had 1/2 a cigarette...*oops*